ExoEnrich™ instant exosome isolation kit allows high efficiency capture and purification of bio macromolecules containing exosomes from various bio fluids e.g cell culture media, urine, saliva, serum (see product list). ExoEnrich™ isolated exosomes are compatible for downstream analysis of proteins (western blotting), DNA, RNA (PCR), and other cargo molecules captured inside exosomes e.g. lipids, metabolites etc.

For higher yield of bio macromolecules (proteins, DNA, RNA) from pelleted exosome preparations obtained with ExoEnrich™ , use ExoLyseP, ExoLyseD (see product list) kits.

Incubation free instant Exosome Isolation


  • Instant, incubation free, low speed exosome isolation in 20 minutes
  • Each kit comes along with a lyophilized exosome standard vial
  • ~10 fold less sample volume required compare to ultracentrifuge
  • Bio-macromolecules enriched exosomes
  • High purity exosome preparations suitable for omics applications and pathway discovery


  • Low speed (3,000 rpm), less time (20 minutes)
  • No ultracentrifugation, yet high yield
  • ~100 fold decrease in exosome research cost due to low media volume requirement, and decreased cell culture amount
  • Enhanced performance of exosome research with difficult to scalable, fastidious culture models e.g. stem cell, cancer stem cells, iPS, primary cells, immune cells, flow cytometry sorted cells and microenvironment specific co-culture studies
  • Desirable for exosomal nucleic acid focused studies e.g. DNA, RNA, miRNA, long non-coding RNA

Biomacromolecule enriched exosomes using ExoEnrich™