ExoEngineering™ technology allows customized synthesis of targeted exosome payloads for pathway discovery, inhibitor screens (shRNA, small molecules), and gene manipulation in oncology, stem cell biology, and cell biology. Our proprietary screens allow high throughput content screening for exploratory and discovery programs. ExoEngineering™ customized products are next-generation tool-kits for doing research on cancer hallmarks to acceleratedrug discovery, and developing targeted drug delivery vehicles. Explore ExoEngineering™ products below and let us know your requirements. higher yield of bio macromolecules (proteins, DNA, RNA) from pelleted exosome preparations obtained with ExoEnrich™ , use ExoLyseP, ExoLyseD (see product list) kits.

ExoPep-FINDER™ derived engineered exosomes for multiple applications

  • Tumor cell targeting exosomes (as apoptotic agents)
  • Exosome as payloads (e.g. for delivery of siRNA, drugs, shRNA) for high throughput screens
  • Immune enhancer exosomes (e.g. as immune cell activators)
  • Pathway blocker exosome (competitive baits for blocking desired pathways during cell-cell interaction)
  • Exoengineered cell lines e.g. stem cells, microenvironment cells (customized delivery of desired proteins e.g. GFP, gene-of-interest to target cells)