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A DSIR certified Oncology company building exosome technologies for cancer diagnosis and drug discovery. ExoCan Healthcare Technologies Pvt Ltd is a DSIR certified cancer diagnostic alliance/ company.

In the era of personalized medicine for cancer, we are working at the forefront of exosome research to develop early cancer diagnosis and drug delivery platform technologies. From detection to chemotherapy, ExoCan is committed to harness the ever emerging potential of exosomes in nanomedicine through indigenously developed patented technologies. ExoCan technologies allow capture of highly pure exosomes and their bio macromolecules for biomarker discovery and personalized medicine in cancer. Now, tumor heterogeneity mapping in just a step ahead.

ExoCan Competence

What are Exosomes in Oncology

Cancer treatment relies on diagnosis (primarily performed by studying biopsy tissue or through scanning methods). However, both procedures would not precisely elaborate the underlying genetic complexity of a cancer. Exosomes, on the other hands, are nano sized blueprints of cancer cells and therefore, allow capture of best possible snapshot about the growth, genetic makeup of a cancer without any invasive procedure. In other words, they are the future of precision medicine in oncology. At ExoCan, we are building next-generation exosome capture technologies to develop cutting edge exosome tools which can be utilized in cancer diagnosis, drug delivery, drug discovery.

ExoCan’s discovery pipeline is a focused approach to reinvent the unforeseen utilities of exosomes in R&D/clinic.

ExoCan offerings

  • Exosome capture research and development kits
  • Engineered exosomes for pathway discovery in R&D
  • Drug discovery using a novel, strategic pipeline of interconnected in vitro technologies of exosomes, and 3-dimentional tumor models

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